Detroit based advertising and portrait photographer Melissa Coulier feels at-home whether working in an LA photo studio, on location or in a tent gazing at the big sky of Montana. Known for creating sparkling advertising images and authentic celebrity portraits, it is her gregarious nature, warm personality and sense of humor that allow her to connect with her clients and subjects alike.

Melissa’s creative spirit was nurtured by the Montana great outdoors. Spending time without electronic devices allowed her imagination to expand. Those were the formative years - playing out her favorite comic book heroes with her siblings, riding Honda 50 motorcycles, hiking, building forts, and bathing in the creek - all inform her imagery today.

Melissa’s first camera was a gift from her grandmother at age 11. She began by taking photos of friends, siblings, using everyone as a subject and even experimenting with abstract images. 4-H and county fair photo contest ribbons followed. A high school yearbook staff stint and family weddings came after that and Melissa knew where her future would lie.

Next steps involved studying photography in Florence and shortly thereafter, the realization that she wanted to follow her dream in Los Angeles. Melissa was exposed to the greatest working photographers of the day. Melissa launched Bring Media with her brother, offering photography and video services and it was from that base of operation that Melissa Coulier Photography was born. Her clients include Cherokee Global Brands, Point Cove, Tony Hawk, Vogue Bambini, Sanrio, People Magazine, DaySpring, CookCraft and Harper Collins.

Today, Melissa lives in Detroit, Michigan with her husband and their dog Shorty. When she is not shooting, Melissa can be found cooking, camping, hiking, golfing or traveling.